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My first words about decision to walk peregrinatio paenitentiae.

I have 2 week’s before my planed start in Marianka on 27.07.2014
By some strange happening is also here in MariankaSaint Christopher  mass,
Maybe u know a french phrase “Regarde St Christophe et va-t-en rassuré” – Look at St Christopher and go on reassured
In common knowledge, he is usually regarded as a patron of travelers.
Anyway this can be, at least I hope so a good start of my Camino de Santiago.

I am looking forward to this so much that I cant even put it in right words.
There are still some things I am supposed to do and finish before I go, but this will not stop me now,
so I am slowly preparing myself for this quest of my life. I feel know little relieved,
because I did not plan it so much, and still I see that each day brings me closer to may aim,
and with little effort everything is possible.
And when you ask about responsibilities, work, family, money and all the other important stuff that
everybody has to somehow take in the consideration if he or she plans a way like this,
I don’t really care now, all this can wait, I am 30 years old and I feel that is time to stop and
look back on my life and evaluate + / – and choose next path.
I believe that we can do that in any part of our journey on this planet,
or at least we should be able to try do so, especially if there is need that came up like that in our lifes.
So I don’t mind anymore, and I will be selfish, as some folks said, when I told them what is going to happen with me next few months. Time is not stopping for anything and its the most valuable gift we have. Right now! Especially in these days, with so much stuff happening on this little globalized planet, or at least it seems to be so small, with all the technology in our civilized quick times.
I just like to slow down a little and find the time to observe this by myself again. From my previous experience with Camino, I do know that, its a great way how to become such an observer. Walking, passing mountains, villages and modern cities of Europe, now without the borders, is something I love to find out by myself and by my foot.
I say it again its a very special time in European history that we could do so.
I am no philoshoper / intellectual, but with alt these planes, cars, trains and even bicycles its all to fast to comprehends, and even see and understand, the beauties of this continent and people who live here know.
This way I can still, so I hope, to meet, see and live with all the uniqueness of this moment and maybe understand more the heritage of our past.

Another dimension of this pilgrimage is spiritual and about this I will not write here yet =]

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nedeľa, apríl 20th, 2014
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4 Comments to “My first words about decision to walk peregrinatio paenitentiae.”

drzim vsetky palce…cesta je ciel! a mozno dokracas az sem…

november 19th, 2014

Ahojte =]
thx ten cas leti a kilometre pomaly tiez =] uz kusok za BB =] cesta je super =]]
postem dalsie fotky, ked sa podari dostat niekde, kde mi to zoberie kratu s fotaku
a bude tam net s lepsim uploadom =]

zatim a diki za pozdrav =]

august 20th, 2014

Zdarec! Sleduju Ta Orol a Liska, co si nas stretol nad Novou Sedlicou pri vystupe na Kremenec. Drzime palce!

august 19th, 2014
orol a liska

neopováž sa to zabaliť!!!!!!!!!!

august 3rd, 2014
ferdo mravec
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